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The Quantock School Campus


Compared to most schools with a similar pupil population, Quantock School was pretty big - even those of us who might have done the full seven year stretch might not have got to see every corner of the place. From the old lodge itself the school expanded throughout its life, culminating in the building of the Stable Block accommodation and swimming pool complex in the late 1980s.

While those of us who were at Quantock in the 1980s would probably have tasted life in both the old and new buildings, some older pupils would have known nothing but the lodge and its collection of dark, secretive corridors - and probably some of those areas that always remained hidden to later pupils.

This section is planned to develop so that eventually there will be an extensive collection of maps and photographs so that no stone of Quantock School is left unturned... With the exception, perhaps, of the Headmasters' study...