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The Quantock School Prospectus

The 1994 Quantock School Prospectus

The A4-sized 1994 edition of the Quantock School prospectus, consisting of seventeen printed pages and a number of colour photographs, differs markedly from the 1981 effort. I was able to obtain this copy from Mr. Warriner on my visit in 1995, and can feel immensely priviledged to have been allowed to keep it as they were usually requested back to save on extra printing costs.

On reading the Headmaster's introduction alone one can see a far more modern approach: gone are monologues on punishment procedure and the prosaic and at times outrageous Victorian commentary, which have been replaced with shorter, 'bullet-point' statements. The 1994 prospectus is without doubt a brighter, bolder and more professional publication, something of a sales pitch, a clear attempt to bring Quantock School in the 1990s. Naturally, the end result of is a prospectus that compared to earlier editions is somewhat devoid of actual solid content - which of course means that there are a lot less 'choice quotes'...

"The main essentials of health are a happy atmosphere, high standards of hygiene and good food. Great importance is maintained to the maintenance of all three" (p.16) Comment: This is one of the few statements that have remained from the previous prospectus. And the same comments apply.